Beginning of the end Chapter 28

Our family arrived home, and everything became normal, Varak and I were back in school doing our last year before we would train on station one to become a praetorian for the empire.

My brother and I traveled to school on time, the lectures with Mr. Raven still took place, it was constantly about something or other, between my excitement of training at station one to watching Amie in-class had all the attention I could manage to give these days.

Amie is beautiful and I did not take my eyes off her, I also have been struggling to pluck up the courage to ask her out to the end-of-year dance, each attempted had interruptions, either through being too nervous or my brother who has been asking me every day with questions on final exams.

The only break time when nothing happened was in the classroom where Varak became quiet enough not to disturb the teachers or playing Gravball with his teammates. I let out a sigh, ‘Is there anything you need to add to the conversation Devin’ Mr. Raven’s eyes locked onto mine and my daydreaming is interrupted, I hadn’t a clue what subject we were on, Amie looked my way giving me a half-smile.

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About the author.
Albert is an ex-royal air force photographer. He is passionate about novel writing and creative arts, his work can be seen on Amazon and Opensea. Albert also enjoys macro photography displayed on Instagram and gaming with his son and records them to replay on YouTube.


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