Beginning of the end Chapter 22

‘Finally, you wake up from your slumber, you know it’s very difficult getting a crew on short notice to clear up the mess you made out there’ the fat man said, I tuned his ramblings out so I could think through the fog of the stun weapon, I could hear a small hum of the engine in the background, are we on the move.

I located Varak and our father they were close which was a comforting thought plus two guards near the rear airlock, turning my head, I came face to face with the monster that must be the cause of all our problems frowning at the one-eyed creature in confusion, who would think such a creature exists.

‘Yes, you see my pet, isn’t it wonderful, can’t believe it’s so effective on Praetorians’ I looked back at the gaudy clothed man he slowly made eye contact with me, his chins wobbled a little.
‘Who are you and where did you get this creature?’ I asked, the man just rolled his eyes and moved around the shuttle with confidence.

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About the author.
Albert is an ex-royal air force photographer. He is passionate about novel writing and creative arts, his work can be seen on Amazon and Opensea. Albert also enjoys macro photography displayed on Instagram and gaming with his son and records them to replay on YouTube.


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