Beginning of the end Chapter 19

Traveling down the many levels under the Starlight took forever. On the way, down the ocean, you can see through the glass. The lights stuck to the outside of the elevator tube allowed the view of sea life, as we moved deeper you could feel more pressure the lower you got, even with the compensator you still felt thousand tons of water closing in on you, I wished I had brought Zia along; I shake my head at the thought Marcus wouldn’t come out of hiding, plus it was nice to know back up wasn’t far away.

Not knowing what to expect before I step out I created a field around my body to protect from any incoming fire. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, I saw just a vacant space, a standard service zone.
Time to move, forwards I continued trying to keep my cool out in the open sneaking around would not help, the enemy would never find me. I wasn’t walking long until I met someone, a very attractive lady in a tight-fitting red dress she was tall with long legs, the hair pulled back into a nice braid allowing to show off her sharp features if I didn’t know she was working for a crime lord she could pass for a royal. Down here she could be an assassin or a courtesan ‘Henrik this way, if you please,’ she said turning back around smoothly and walking away at a slow but steady pace the dress was backless.

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About the author.
Albert is an ex-royal air force photographer. He is passionate about novel writing and creative arts, his work can be seen on Amazon and Opensea. Albert also enjoys macro photography displayed on Instagram and gaming with his son and records them to replay on YouTube.


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