Beginning of the end Chapter 18

Before they brought me into the cell, I officially got my picture taken, my personal effects scanned just in case of anything dangerous, all placed in a special lockbox including the communicator I got of Baldy.

Inside the small jail cell, it was cozy, two beds, a force field to keep us in and a dispenser for water, across from me inside the same cell with a man with an obvious drug habit, the sunken eyes from withdrawal and terrible marks on the skin showed where he injected himself with whatever cocktail the man enjoyed but between ridiculous rocking back and forth and the odd screeching scream came out apart from that he was harmless enough.

Through the process, and locked up I got to know the friendly security guards, one called Tilen the other Silker they opened up to me after a few jokes. this loosened them up.

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About the author.

Albert is an ex-royal air force photographer. He is passionate about novel writing and creative arts, his work can be seen on Amazon and Opensea. Albert also enjoys macro photography displayed on Instagram and gaming with his son and records them to replay on YouTube.


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