The beginning of the end novel by Albert hugh

In every sense of the word, your baby boys are healthy in a few weeks they will be ready to take home,’ I said with a smile on his face.

‘Thank you, Doctor,’ both parents said smiling

‘You don’t know what this means to us’ said the tall, broad shoulder father with a scar on his face.

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The twins had grown up on Velveen for fifteen years and heading to school they were late. The pair ran through the woods as fast as they could Varak led upfront while myself trailed behind, but the quickest way to school was through the forest instead of taking the long route on the main walkways through town.

‘Come on Devin we will be late if you move any slower,’ I shook my head I pushed to catch up with Varak

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Finally, I got home a few minutes later, I stopped for a breather and look at the house, the place always gave me a feeling of safety and harmony, ‘go long son’ boomed my father’s voice I heard a whooshing noise through the air, it had to be a ball being thrown and instantly seconds later a loud thud and a grunt at the other end of the garden indicated Varak had caught the ball. I came through the house and watch the pair sat on the back doorstep.

‘Wow, that was fast but can you put more into it,’ Varak sarcasm would cost him
‘Ok, here’s the next one’ this time there was no way of tracking the projectile, a loud bang and dust blew into the air showed the ball lodged in the large reinforced wall which surrounded our estate,
Mother, step outside ‘if you like to stop playing destroy the home, then we can eat’ she jested
‘Yes, ma’am,’ Varak and father chorused rushing past me into the house, I looked at the wall damage it was two meters across. The repair bots already working to make the wall solid again.

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The lessons of the day went on in the usual manner. I noticed Amie in the back row with her brother Tom he had similar sharp features as Amie; I remembered the last time we met, at the annual Praetorians ball. The man was a foot taller than Amie with a love for animals, any conversations about wildlife and the golden tint in his eyes glowed.

Mr. Raven lesson was going through the ancient praetorians that became legends, some of them so far back in time what’s left of them were statues in the hall of heroes, ‘when the centurion called Joshua Drake came that’s when things went wrong for the praetorians’ his voice raised making a point Mr. Raven looked at everyone to let it sink in ‘who was the centurion you may ask, first, he was a man of great skill so gifted he could use all three arts,’ some students’ in the class seemed in awe, especially the other praetorians ‘for those of you, not a part of the praetorian world this means he could control Kensei. The power of the mind this enabled the use of telepathy and telekinesis, Dengen is physical base energy, allowing body enhancements, the plus abilities to mold energy for attacks and defense, and finally the Chikara arts a more subtle spiritual energy this helps the user to conjure up elemental attacks such as wind, fire, etc. If the praetorian is strong enough in Chikara they can summon monsters,’ the images on the screen changed showing such uses, a couple of students jumped at the scary image of a summon monster. The red eyes of the beast bored into you sending a small chill down my back. ‘This was the first and last time in history that one person had that much power.’

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‘What happened’ mother said, walking into the room frantically ‘I felt a large tremor outside, then nothing,’ she reached out to touch Varak forehead ‘he’s lost a lot of physical energy you pushed him too far’ mother glared a little at the other parent in the room father took on an innocent look, she turned back to the boy in the bed and after a moment bright green healing light comes from mother’s hand within moments, my brother’s eyes fluttered opened

‘Did I make another mess’ he said through a weak whisper?
‘No son you didn’t get some rest, you did well today’ father said commending him. He smiled at the compliment closing his eyes to the world falling into a deep sleep, a few more checks from mother we all then filed out of the room I watched my parents go downstairs.

I stood there outside his room for a moment lost in thought. What kind of power did my brother have? It looked dark and dangerous, even the anger seemed malevolent when father goaded him into action, looking at my own hands do I have that kind of power? Do I have to be angry to create it or can I use something else?

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On the fringes of the galaxy, a planet crumbles slowly into a black hole. Time is slow here, everywhere beyond the dark hole in space moves fast, so many years, days, minutes have passed in a blink of an eye and still, I’m stuck in this hellhole. Angry at those who tried to destroy me, my one thought running through my mind, revenge on a lady I trusted, the one that sent me spiraling down to this eternal grave, betrayal, and anger I held in my very core for her. I am a legend among the praetorians, a savior saving countless lives and worlds when I returned everyone was wary of their hero to avoid their stares. I traveled to prove there was a greater enemy out beyond our galaxy into the void, others understood and followed me into the darkness of the void none survived, they were weak, in the end, I loathed the galaxy I left behind I could see all of them weak, feeble, pathetic. The void drew you in with more power, more pleasures, beings that created growth through destruction, controlling everything through strength was their way. I wanted the galaxy to follow these rules make them become something greater. The strong survive, the weak will perish, and soon I will show the galaxy what power is because the answer for my salvation lay before my eyes. Two ships arrive and they left one there waiting like a beacon for the galaxy’s greatest fallen hero.

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About the author.
Albert is an ex-royal air force photographer. He is passionate about novel writing and creative arts, his work can be seen on Amazon and Opensea. Albert also enjoys macro photography displayed on Instagram and gaming with his son and records them to replay on YouTube.


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